When improving your home, business, or industrial structure is on the agenda it may be time to consider your specialty chemical removal needs. Whether you’re facing toxic paint removal or other coatings from walls and metals, you’ll need professional help. Society has become more aware of the dangers of certain chemicals that were previously approved for use in construction and now are found to be hazardous.

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We Can Help With Specialty Chemical Removal

Some paints, coatings, and chemicals are just too toxic for the average home or business owner to handle. That’s where Absolute Restoration comes in. We specialize in cadmium removal services as well as chromium removal. Our highly skilled and educated technicians can remove even the most stubborn fire-rated and high-temperature paints. We use the most modern technology available and with our unique process you can ensure safe and rapid removal of the unwanted chemicals in your structure. Absolute Restoration is here to help you make your home or business a safe place to live and work in.

Located in Toronto, Absolute Restoration serves the GTA including Mississauga, Peel, and York. Should you need it, we’re available 24/7 to meet your specialty chemical removal needs. As a company, we ensure that our technicians and all our staff are kept up to date on the newest technology, processes, and regulations which assists us in providing you with fast and efficient specialty chemical removal. We’re also aware of national and provincial regulations in regard to health and safety in the workplace. Our company is professionally equipped to remove toxic metals, paints, and coatings.

The Effects of Specialty Chemicals

Cadmium is known to be highly carcinogenic and can be inhaled through fumes. It can damage every system in the body but is especially dangerous to the lungs. Frequently used in batteries, it’s important for workplaces to monitor their levels and have excesses removed.

Used in electronics and energy production beryllium can quickly become toxic when it is released into the air by way of fumes or dust. It can cause cancer and even Chronic Beryllium Disease which affects the lungs and can lead to death.

Stainless steel, chrome plating, several heat-resistant treatments, and paint pigments are made from chromium and its compounds. Exposure to it can irritate the respiratory tract as well as cause cancer.  Chromium removal may be something you may really want to consider.

Lead and other toxic substance-based paint were frequently used in the construction of homes and businesses up until the mid-90’s when it was discovered to cause illness.

Customer Care Meets State of the Art Service

The technicians and staff at Absolute Restoration know that your home and work environment is critical to your productivity in life. We believe that a rapid response will serve you best by getting you back to your life as quickly as possible. To that end, we’re available 24/7 to assist you with your specialty chemical removal needs.

Our technicians will quickly assess the most efficient and expedient process to remove the chemicals and coatings. We’ll be sure to answer every question and work in a timely manner. We assure you the safest removal possible. When you are in need of having any specialty chemicals removed, contact Absolute Restoration.

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From toxic paint to cadmium removal services as well as beryllium, we’re certified to remove most chemicals.

Yes. We have specialized equipment that will remove even the most stubborn paints.

No. We’re specialized and trained to safely remove all toxic paints and metal coating.

Property built during and before the early 1990s frequently used toxic paint and chemicals. A free inspection can confirm if your property has it.

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