In certain situations, the traditional process used in water damage drying will not work well for a given structure. When your home or business needs water removal and flood damage repair specialty drying may be the most efficient solution for your situation. Specialty drying uses nondestructive procedures that work exceptionally. Using modern techniques of water extraction, dehumidifying, flood drying, and evaporating specialty drying can prevent wood from warping when applied properly and promptly.

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Absolute Restoration – Your Specialty Drying Experts

Using our revolutionary and technically advanced equipment the expert technicians here at Absolute Restoration have the ability to track down all of the hidden moisture in your home or business ensuring a thorough drying. Located in the GTA we can ensure a rapid response time of 1 – 3 hours after you call in all of the local areas including Mississauga, Oakville and others. On-call 24/7 we are available to assist you whenever disaster may strike your residential or commercial property. Time is of the essence when water damage occurs and our proximity to your location gives you the advantage of preventing the problems that compound untreated water damage.

Specialty drying requires equipment that is not used in the conventional drying process. We have state of the art water evaporators, extractors, and dehumidifiers that empower us to offer you a 100% guarantee that the job will be done right. With decades of experience in flood repair and mold remediation, we are the professionalflood drying service with certified experts you need to help you dry your structure and restore it to its previous condition so that you can start living your life again.

Specialty Drying Can Protect Your Structure

When dealing with water damage, water or even extreme humidity gets deep into your structure where conventional drying treatments may not be able to reach it. Additionally, some structures do not respond well to traditional flood clean up strategies. Specialty drying combines advanced technology with innovative processes to detect where moisture is hiding so that your entire structure can be properly dried.

Untreated moisture can cause your wood to warp and your structure to disintegrate. Even more dangerous, the organic materials in wood and drywall offer food to the mold and mildew that will begin growing within 48 hours. After three days the mold growth can become heavy enough to cause health issues such as headaches, allergy reactions, and lung problems. Specialty drying can reach into the deep recesses of your structure ensuring a thorough drying while preventing mold and mildew from taking hold and creating secondary damages.

After your home or business has been completely dried and stabilized at a proper level of humidity restoration can begin. Then you can have your property restored to its previous state nearly as if there had never been a flood in the first place.

Complete Customer Care

From our staff to our equipment, everything we do is geared toward creating the best possible structural drying experience for our customers. We work with you and absorb most of the stressful burden of figuring out what to do and when to do it. All you need to do is get in contact with us. Our expert staff can answer all of your questions and explain all of our processes and treatments so you completely understand what is going to happen. We’ll even work with your insurance company so you don’t have to..

Absolute Restoration strives to offer the very best to our customers from state-of-the-art equipment to well educated, trained technicians. We understand how important it is for you to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. We are here to ensure the fastest possible restoration solution without compromising the high-quality standards you expect. When you need specialty drying you can turn to the trusted professionals here at Absolute Restoration.

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Specialty Drying is a technique that utilizes special technology such as evaporators, water extractors, and dehumidifiers.

If the location of the water damage is deep within the structure of your property or doesn’t respond to conventional drying you may need Specialty Drying.

It can damage the structural integrity of your property and warp any wood.

Yes we will restore your property to its original condition.

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