Water can invade your home in a wide variety of ways including leaks, floods, sewer backup, and any appliance with a broken water hose causing extensive damage. Unmanaged or incorrectly managed water damage will cause secondary damages to your home our business including mold and mildew growth and rotting structure. If water damage goes untreated it can cause irreparable structural damage to your home or business.

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Absolute Restoration Can Help

Available 24/7 with a response time of 1 – 3 hours, Absolute Restoration is a water damage restoration service with decades of water damage restoration experience that services the Greater Toronto Area. Our skilled technicians are ready to help you not only remediate your water damage but also restore your life to its pre-water damage convenience. From the moment you contact us, our compassionate and courteous professionals will answer all your questions and take action to minimize further water damage associated with the leak or flood.

Absolute Restoration guarantees that we will get the job done correctly. Our technicians work with state-of-the-art equipment including fans, dehumidifiers, and vacuums to quickly stop the water damage from spreading. We will diagnose and manage the cause of the water damage and then move onto remediation. Our experienced professionals are skilled in every aspect of water damage from initial assessment to final rebuilds of damaged rooms and structures. When your home or office in the GTA has suffered a leak, flood, or water damage of any kind contact Absolute Restoration for the rapid assistance you need.

Rapid Response Water Removal

Frozen and burst pipes, fire, plumbing problems, roof damage, and other casualties can cause a flooded basement, substantial flooding, and other water property damage. A flooded home presents three major areas that need immediate attention:

•Initial water and moisture removal

•Restoring your home to a livable condition to minimize your inconvenience

•Mold prevention and remediation

It’s imperative that you deal with the water as quickly as possible and Absolute Restoration is one of the best restoration companies to assist you in your time of need. Within in just 48 hours of a home flood, mold can start to grow and cause further damage to your home so a rapid response is key. When we arrive at your property, we will quickly assess the situation and work rapidly with the goal of minimizing any further damage to your property. Our specialized equipment and extensive training allow our technicians to rapidly mitigate any further damage to your home caused by the flooding.

Water Clean Up and Flood Repair

Our unique process and technologically advanced equipment will quickly and easily remove the water that is flooding your property and restore the dry environment that prevents mold growth. Our post-flood dehumidifying process also protects your home from corrosion and rot that is water-related. Our expert technicians are dedicated to restoring your home to the condition it was in before the damage occurred.

Mold Removal

Should mold be discovered in your property, we are fully equipped to provide full mold remediation. We will remove the mold and clean the contaminated areas providing you with a safe living and working environment. Our mold remediation processes include treatment and prevention that can prevent the mold and mildew from reoccurring and removes any odors associated with water damage. Untreated mold is not only a health risk but it also can drastically devalue your property. Partnering with us to restore your home can also have the added benefit of increasing its value.

Customer Service

Property flooding is a devastating event that can leave you shocked, confused, and even temporarily homeless. Flooding can do more than damage your home, it can destroy precious and priceless items that leave you emotionally distraught. We treat you like our own family, answering your every question and explaining our processes in detail. We work with most major insurances and can therefore lift that burden off of you as well. We can provide your insurance with the scope of work they’ll require as well as working directly with them to get all of your home restoration needs met.

While home flooding can be an overwhelming event, the expert technicians here at Absolute Restoration are ready to help you restore your home while ensuring that further damage is minimized. Our thorough water damage cleanup services will restore your property to the healthy, comfortable environment it was before the flood. If you have water damage in your home call us now for the assistance you need.

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Water damage restoration is the repair of a building that has been affected by water damage.

Three easy steps would be to stop the source of the water then vaccuum th water from the flooded are then use high power fans to dry out the area.

This process can take quite a long time. It can range from weeks to months.

Unfortunately this service has no set price. Each restoration is different. Contact us for a free estimate.

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