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4 Rules of Asbestos Removal

4 Rules Of Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a potentially deadly material, which should be removed from your home as soon as it’s detected. If you choose to leave it in, and you accidentally ingest it, you could be doing serious damage to your lungs. In some cases, it’s been shown to cause scarring to the lung, and even increase the chances that you will develop lung cancer. To be successful in asbestos removal, there are a few things that you should know. Let’s look at the four most important rules to follow.


1.  Contact An Asbestos Testing Service As Soon As Possible

One of the most important steps is to keep your eyes out for asbestos, especially if you’ve purchased an older property. This was a fairly common building material between the late 1940’s and the 1980’s. If you’ve purchased a house during this period, they might have used asbestos. While you might have some concerns about the materials in your home, asbestos can be very difficult to identify. Often, the only way to be sure that the material is asbestos is by contacting an asbestos testing service.


2.  Wear A Mask During Asbestos Abatement

Once it’s confirmed that the material is asbestos, you’ll need to make sure to protect yourself. The best way of doing this is by wearing a mask. If possible, seal up the rooms that contain the material, until asbestos abatement can be carried out. If you’ve accidentally released the asbestos, such as by drilling a hole, you need to clean it up. In this case, make sure that you’re wearing a mask and gloves. Then, clean up the dust, putting into a bag, and firmly sealing it. When the professional crew arrives, they’ll be able to help you dispose of it.


3.  There Are Strict Rules When Disposing Of Asbestos

There are multiple rules that you will need to abide by to make sure that you are disposing of the asbestos properly. Because of how potentially dangerous this material is, many states are careful about the way asbestos removal is handled. In most cases, you’ll need to take it a special facility, which will dispose of it properly. If you don’t abide by these rules, you’ll often be facing a heavy fine and, in some cases, jail time.


4.  Get In Contact With Professional Asbestos Removal Companies

As you can see, asbestos removal can be a potentially dangerous task. If done incorrectly, you could be facing serious health consequences, including the potential for lung damage. To protect yourself, and make sure that everything has been done properly, you might want to call in professional asbestos removal companies. Often, they’ll have the right equipment, and the right training, to remove everything safely. You’ll also get the assurance that all the asbestos has been removed, so your house will be safe.



Asbestos can be a major health concern and should be removed as soon as it’s discovered. So, keep these four rules in mind, so you can stay safe through the asbestos removal process. You should also make sure to get in contact with our experienced team as soon as possible, to allow us to safely dispose of the asbestos.



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4 Essential Parts Of Property Inspections

4 Essential Parts Of Property Inspections

If you own a house you must take care of it. Often, it’s easier to identify smaller issues early, than fix big issues later. Property inspections will let you do this. They are one of the best ways to identify problems, so your house can stay in great condition. Let’s look at the four things that you should be looking for during property inspections.


1.  Get A Mold Inspection

One of the biggest issues that property owners face is the mold. There are several reasons why this is such a big problem. First, the mold eats into organic materials, like the wall and floor. This can cause a lot of damage. Secondly, it releases mold spores. These can make it harder for some people to breathe, especially if you have pre-existing conditions, like asthma. To make sure that your property and family are kept safe, you’ll need to make sure that you are getting a mold inspection. This will tell you whether the mold is growing in the area.


2.  If You Find Anything, Organize Mold Testing

If you’re lucky, the mold inspection won’t find anything. However, if you’re not so fortunate, you might detect some signs that mold is starting to form inside the property. In this case, you need to make sure that you send the samples to mold testing as soon as possible. There are several different types of mold which might be growing in the building. By identifying the type of mold, you’ll be able to find how it might have gotten inside and what kind of damage it can cause.


3.  Consider Talking To A Mold Assessment Consultant

As we’ve seen, mold is a big problem. If during the inspection, you find some growing in the property, you need to make sure that you are taking action as quickly as possible. The best way to stop further damage is by talking to a mold assessment consultant. They will be able to provide a better insight into how the mold might have been able to get inside and start growing. This will let you better protect your property in the future. They’ll also be able to advise you on how to kill the mold.


4.  Get An Asbestos Inspection

If you’re purchasing an older property, you must get an asbestos inspection. Asbestos was a common building material between the late 1940’s and 1980’s. If you breathe it in, you might get lung damage. If possible, this should be done before you purchase the property. This will let you factor in the costs required to remove the material, making the house safe to live in.



Regular property inspections are one of the best ways to look after your investment, making sure that you detect any problems quickly. Asbestos and mold are two of the most common issues plaguing house owners, especially if you have an older property. Our team is trained to look for these areas, letting you take action early. So, call us today to book an inspection.